Broken arrow

In this world, people are having so many problems but at last, people wants peace. Each and every person has their own tension, it can be regarding money, office, family, love life and lot more. They finally want calmness or if they are frustrated with the problem then they want to come out from stress. So only fights between countries, people and sometimes there may be no specific reason. This Broken Arrow spell help to create peace. In this process, spirits help to bring peace around them. When peace will get spread astrologer will provide the perfect solution for that.

There are so many types of peace spells are available if you can do those it will bring the peace in your life. Firstly, you can start with ‘Morning Prayer’. Whenever you get up un morning you can take God’s name and pray for something good.

Second, you can do one more thing like, around you light the candle and fixed it up, then write the word on a piece of paper with blue ink. After that, you sit in that circle and keep that paper in front of you and close your eyes. Then you think about that word. Imagine  that word and it will give you a beautiful picture with a peaceful place. Now finally you find peace and sit with that peace.

Third, There is one type of broken arrow spell is called moon peace spells. For doing this process it must be full moon day and at 12:00 midnight. Put alarm in watch and look up to see the moon and after 5 min close eyes. And then you will feel some energy and wind. After this open your eye and see the moon and be a clam. Enjoy this peace.

Four, this is one more type of spell which creates calmness. For doing this method you need white candle jasmine. It must be performed at night. But you can perform it in daytime also.

You light the white candle and close your eyes and saga must behold near your nose and breath calmly, then pray to provide clam, Need to repeat this three times.

This is one type of Holy Peace Spell. For doing this, need to clear mind and then candle lighting required. White peddles put into the fire then you sit near that and allow your mind to take restless and rest. After that feel peace.

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