Eros is a Greek word which means God of love, lust and passion. Eros is the short form of the word erotic which can arouse love and sexual desires in an individual. Attraction is something that is cast by eros spells may it be a pure feeling of love, lust or any other form of attraction. The picture of a blindfolded man with an arrow and bow who we call a ‘Cupid’ is actually. Eros who is considered as the God of love. Eros is thought to have some powerful approach to make people fall in love with each other. The blindfolded cherub depicts that love is blind and the bow and arrow shows. That you can hit on your love target by calling out to the God of love and sexual desires.

Types of eros spells

Eros spells are just numerous, few kinds of eros spells are listed below:

  • Eros spells to fall in love
  • Spells to get back your lost love partner
  • Spells to return back love in a relationship
  • ” to capture love
  • ” to attract someone and a lot more

How to cast eros spell?

Eros spells are a wondrous spell that can help an individual to achieve the love of a person who he/ she desires of. Casting eros spells is simple which can bring positive signs of love energy in your life. You just need to call the God of love to your rescue and get all your wishes granted.

Eros spells to get your dream partner

Eros spell is something that can get you a person who you dream off in your nightmares. For this, you need to have a lipstick and a paper on which you can write your emotions and all your desires that you expect out of your partner and call out to the God of love “Eros” to find you a partner according to the wishes you have written.

Eros spell to attract a person whom you like

If you find a person to whom you are attracted and feel that he/she is the exact person with whom you want to spend your whole life, then you can cast eros spells to lure them towards yourself. You need to have a red pen and a paper, and then you are required to draw a red coloured heart on the piece of paper. After this jot down the name of the person who has stolen your heart and imagine as if some positive energy is getting transferred from your heart to that piece of paper.

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