Eye Colour Spell

Power of concentration and thoughts is intense such that it can result in numerous changes that you desire. One such change is the colour of the eye. Yes!  if you are born with a certain eye colour, you may spell a charm and create an illusion for those who don’t know you. They will see that colour which you have imagined your eyes to be.

The Eye colour spell, just like any other spell requires sincerity and the quiet ambiance. Usually, it is done after the sun sets in or a quiet night. One must be alone, or with a company, but the focus here is the keyword. Be focused and create a positive aura around you through some meditation.  Chanting ‘Aum’ mantra can help you do this. It is quintessential to create positivity because you have to be positive that the Eye colour will definitely change.

Another thing you must do is to light candles. Light two candles, one orange, and one white candle. Post this process, you need to begin imagining. Imagination at its peak can make miraculous changes. So imagine the current colour of your eye for about 5 minutes. After this, imagine your eyes in the colour you wish, think about this for at least 5 minutes. While imagining the colour you want, chant ‘become of me’ three times. Repeat the process twice and wait for the morning.

The changes are expected to happen through the day. It is likely that you yourself may not be able to observe the changes. Similarly, those who know you will also not see the changes immediately.  So ask those people about what colour your eyes are, who you rarely meet. You may also ask your friends over the phone, about your eye colour as the illusion you created about your eye colour will certainly impact their minds, so they will recall and will tell you the same colour as you expected them to say.

The spells are used to create illusion and certainly work if you are focused and serious about them. As the gravity of the charm is deep, you need to be of the same dense depth to create the change. The Eye colour can be changed to any colour, even the bright ones, provided you are serious about the charm and feel that the charm is acting on you.

Go ahead! and get yourself some killer looks with that new eye colour.



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