There is black magic in all the cultures and civilizations in the world. We can definitely say that practices and methods are different in every way. Actually it is used to fulfill selfish desires and always black magic has harmed others.

It is said that the person who does black magic can never escape his karmic cycle. That person is always sure to pay for his wrong actions.

Kala jadu ka tor – kala jadu se bachne k saral upay

Those mantras of black magic, if they use it on any person, then that person gets a lot of harm. Let us tell you that black magic is used to make anyone unconscious. It is used at the level of unconsciousness.

During these dark phases of time, when the planets are in their favor, then this negative energy can dominate you. In such a situation, a person does not need a religious black magical magic on you, because even a bad intention can harm you, which is called a ‘bad eye’. Although it is almost impossible for a person to stay away from a bad eye, but by preventing this dark magic, you can avoid being affected by it.

If you also suspect anyone, then you should not eat anything given by them. You should also keep in mind that they should not have any of your pictures and any kind of items. Black magic can be easily made through pieces of clothes, nails and hair that you wear,

So keep in mind that they do not have any of this.

If you are unable to remember the hurt or wounds you are having, then they may be some of the early signs of the dark magic you are having. If you think that you are being black magic, then expert astrologers can tell you some tips to overcome them. Here are the tips to overcome them: 
If you have been in such negative influences, then you can come and sit in the shadow of Dhyanalinga. There are some dimensions of Dhyanalinga, which neutralize such things. If you are afraid that something like black magic has been done to you, then just sit here for one day and then go away. He will be fine on his own. But the better thing is that you do not pay any attention to those things because your brain ‘black magic’ over you is more than anyone else. Apart from it all you can do is to get connected with positivity and happiness that will ensure to bring the calmness in the life.

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